1)The application of pyrophyllite


Pyrophyllite is a kind of clay mineral. Most of them are fibrous, radial, leafy and flaky blocks. Its colors are white, gray, light blue, light yellow, light green and so on. The main associated minerals are quartz, kaolinite, boehmite, sericite, pyrite and so on.




Pyrophyllite value is embodied in: it is refractory, ceramic materials and carving raw materials, rubber products, cosmetics, pesticides and other fillers and carriers. In addition, pyrophyllite is also a common raw material in glass fiber industry, and it needs to be ground into 200 purpose pyrophyllite powder to meet the production demand of glass fiber industry.




2)The detailed introduction of pyrophyllite processing equipment


The new generation of Raymond mill equipment to process this fine powder, which can meet the production requirements.


a:Advantages and characteristics of Raymond Mill


The newly upgraded Raymond mill equipment is widely used in the grinding and processing production of various non-metallic mineral projects, with more reliable performance and more stable operation. And it uses pulse dust collector to collect dust, the efficiency reaches 99%. In addition, it is easy to maintain the equipment, does not need to remove the grinding roller device, more popular. Compared with the R-type machine with the same power, the output of single machine is higher, the output is increased by 40%, the power consumption cost is saved by 30%, the efficiency is higher and the comprehensive cost is lower.




b:Working principle of new Raymond Mill


It is mainly divided into crushing, grinding, grading and powder collection steps:


①The raw ore is crushed by crusher;




②The material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is continuously ground by the roller, so as to crush and grind。




③The ground material is blown to the classifier for screening。




④The powder meeting the specifications is collected as finished product, and the powder that does not meet the specification will be re ground in the main machine。

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