Iron oxide red pigment is a very important inorganic color pigment. It has good pigment quality, high tinting strength and hiding power, and has a wide range of applications. It can be widely used in rubber, paint, artificial marble colorants, as well as ceramics, paper, ink and art pigments.

The commonly used production method of iron oxide red pigment is to use iron oxide scale, iron filings and sulfuric acid or nitric acid for production, and a large amount of acidic wastewater is generated during the production process, which pollutes the environment and costs a lot of wastewater treatment.

Iron oxide red production process:

1), sieve the hydrated iron oxide solution produced in the process of producing artificial rutile through high-frequency sieving to obtain a sieved solution;

2), add chloride ion remover to the sieved solution, stir , the precipitation is clarified, and the precipitation mud is obtained;

3), the precipitation mud is pumped to the automatic plate and frame belt filter through the mud pump for pressure filtration, and pressed into iron red mud cake;

4), the iron red mud cake is passed through the rotary kiln drying and calcining;

5), the dried and calcined iron red powder is subjected to magnetic separation by a dry magnetic separator;

6), the iron red powder of the magnetically separated iron red powder is pulverized by a Raymond mill to obtain iron oxide red powder material.

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