The main difference between Raymond mill and micro powder mill represents the two main aspects:

1. Raymond mill is more famous and wide used. Raymond mill is the most common grinding machine, and it is well known to most people. It is perhaps because Raymond mill has the wide and ordinary application.

2. The specification discrepancy. Raymond mill has larger capacity, but its output size is larger, too, which varies from 30 to 325 meshes. However, Micro powder mill has smaller capacity, but its output size can reach to 2500 meshes.

When you choose a grinding mill machine, public praise is a key factor but not only one. You should choose a suitable one which can meet your production requirement. For example, if the demand output size is 800 meshes, you’d better choose micro powder mill than Raymond mill. There is another grinding mill whose specification is just at the middle of Raymond mill and micro powder mill: Vertical Grinding Mill. If the two are not suitable, try this one.

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