The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which is widely used. In addition to widely used in chemical industry, power plant desulfurization and paper industry, the most common application of limestone is used as raw material for cement and steel industry.

If the deep processing of limestone, the main applications of limestone after processing are as follows:

(1)After grinding, it is added into concrete to improve its performance.

(2)Various inorganic mineral materials including limestone are used to make glass at high temperature.

(3)The calcined lime reacts with coke to produce calcium carbide.

(4)Production of foundry sand for machinery manufacturing.

(5)After calcining a series of reactions to produce lime milk and precipitation again, light calcium carbonate products for various industries can be produced.

(6)Active lime was prepared by low-temperature calcination as slagging agent to reduce the impurity content of steel-making metal.

(7)Limestone powder is processed as flue gas desulfurizer

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