Petroleum coke is one of the raw materials for the production of graphite electrode. In China, petroleum coke is widely used in graphite electrode, accounting for about 59% according to relevant statistics. In the production process of graphite electrode, petroleum coke can only be applied after a series of processing. Petroleum coke vertical mill is one of the process grinding equipment in the production process. Vertical roller mill is generally used for petroleum coke front-end processing and grinding.

Petroleum coke used in the production of graphite electrode usually uses low sulfur petroleum coke. After calcination, low sulfur petroleum coke is also called calcined coke or cooked coke. Petroleum coke vertical mill can process not only raw coke (non calcined petroleum coke) but also calcined coke. The process flow of petroleum coke raw material treatment is as follows:

1. Before batching, the large calcined petroleum coke and needle coke must be subject to medium crushing, grinding and screening.

2. Medium crushing is usually to further crush the material of about 50mm to the particle size of 0.5-20mm required for batching through jaw crusher, hammer crusher, counter rolling crusher and other crushing equipment.

3. Grinding is a process in which petroleum coke vertical grinding equipment grinds carbonaceous raw materials to small powder particles with a particle size of less than 0.15mm or 0.075mm.

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