1) .The demand of 325 mesh barite is mainly used for mud weighting agent. At present, mud weighting agent for drilling is widely used.

2) .About 1250 mesh barite is mainly used in Lithopone pigment as raw material for paint and painting pigment.

3) .About 800 mesh barite demand is mainly used in the manufacture of barium oxide, barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium nitrate, precipitated barium sulfate, barium hydroxide and other chemical raw materials.

4) .The demand of barite over 2000 mesh is mainly used in paint filler to increase the thickness, strength and durability of paint film.

5) .The demand of barite from 500 mesh to 1250 mesh is mainly used as fillers for papermaking, rubber and plastic industries.

6).The demand of 325 mesh barite is for anti radiation cement, mortar and concrete.

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