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Throughout the whole iron and steel industry, the market demand for solvent powder is strong, quicklime powder is commonly used in the industrial market. It generally needs to be ground to 200 mesh. What factory has professional quicklime grinding mill equipment, which can grind 200 mesh powder? We recommend customers to use the special Raymond mill equipment to grind quicklime powder, with twice the result with half the effort, high grinding efficiency and better powder quality.





Introduction of quicklime grinding mill equipment


Raymond mill, vertical roller mill and other equipment for grinding quicklime powder are professional quicklime grinding equipment. This paper mainly introduces the quicklime Raymond mill equipment. Generally, quicklime powder and solvent powder need to be ground to 200 mesh powder. Raymond mill is a better choice.




1)More efficient


One of the reasons for choosing this kind of mill equipment is that it has a large production capacity per unit, with an increase of more than 40%, a saving of more than 30% in power consumption, low energy consumption and higher yield.




2)More environmentally friendly


One of the characteristics of the equipment is that the dust collection rate is as high as 99%, so it is a new mill with environmental protection and energy saving. The full pulse dust collection system equipped can escort and realize environmental protection.




3)Easy to maintain


The design is a sealed structure, easy to change the grinding ring, without removing the grinding roller, convenient maintenance.




4)Stable operation


Equipment vibration is very small, low noise, stable operation, more reliable performance, can create high revenue.

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