Carbide slag is a large amount of industrial waste discharged in the production of acetylene by hydrolysis of carbide. As industrial waste, carbide slag not only occupies a lot of arable land, but also pollutes the environment seriously. Carbide slag is a high quality cement raw material with uniform composition and high calcium content. It is the most thorough method to produce cement by using it instead of limestone.
Calcium carbide slag can replace limestone to make cement, produce quicklime as raw material of calcium carbide, produce chemical products, produce building materials and be used for environmental control. In the production of cement with carbide slag, the technology of “wet grinding and dry burning” or pre-drying “dry grinding and dry burning” is usually adopted.
Vertical roller mill is an exclusive equipment focusing on the industrial solid waste market, and it is also a successful mill developed by Guikuang(GuiLin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.) in combination with this field.

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