Because use of ball mill is mainly grinding cement. So let us see the classification of the cement ball mill:

1.Ordinary cement ball mill

Ordinary cement ball mill is in general used in circuit grinding system. Its characteristics are high grinding efficiency, yield, low energy consumption, especially when grinding slag cement, its
performance is more prominent. Usually output of cement ball mill can be increased by 15-20%, and power consumption is reduced by about 10%. In addition, product temperature can be reduced by 20-40 ℃, the product fineness is also easy to adjust.

ball mill

2.High yield and fineness cement ball mill

High yield and fineness cement ball mill is mainly used for open-circuit grinding system. It has advantages of simple system equipment and the process, low investment, small footprint of factory building. In the structure of mill, advanced special compartment means of internal separating is used, activation device is increased in fine grinding compartment, there is special discharge grate plate in mill end, which reduces furthest the size of the grinding media in grinding warehouse, greatly improves the grinding efficiency, to achieve purposes of high yield, low energy consumption.

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