Diabase is one of the rocks that have been developed and utilized more in recent decades. What is the use of diabase powder after grinding?The following is about diabase.

Diabase belongs to basic intrusive rock, generally dark green or black. The main mineral composition is feldspar, pyroxene or olivine. Diabase has good frost resistance and is a superior building material, often used as a decorative material. In addition, diabase is often used to make cast stone, rock wool, asphalt concrete aggregate, etc. What are the uses of diabase powder after grinding? The purpose of diabase grinding powder is to be used as powder for chemical adhesive, to produce acid-alkali resistant anticorrosive coating, and to replace fly ash as concrete admixture. At present, the main application of diabase is direct mining and cutting as a large decorative stone, and the remaining leftovers can be considered for use after grinding, so that the diabase stone will not waste resources.

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