Quartz stone Raymond mill is a production equipment that natural quartz (SiO2) grinding mill or fused quartz (amorphous SiO2 after natural quartz is melted and cooled at high temperature) into silicon micropowder. The silicon micropowder produced by the quartz stone Raymond mill has the advantages of high hardness, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, insulation and stable chemical properties. It can be used in rubber, plastics, advanced paints, coatings, refractory materials, electrical insulation, electronic packaging, high-grade ceramics, precision casting and other production fields.

A professional quartz stone raymond mill manufacturer must go through layers of screening in equipment selection, and after repeated experiments of various production processes, can enter the processing and production of quartz stone raymond mill. The main parts of the Raymond mill should be made of materials with strong wear resistance and high toughness, which can reduce the phenomenon of equipment failure and reduce production costs for users.

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