Marble grinding mill equipment – new upgrade Raymond Mill


In this paper, the main grinding mill equipment introduced to customers is Raymond mill, which is a new mill to upgrade the traditional mill. The Raymond Mill covers a number of patents, so the performance has been greatly improved. It can increase production by 40%, reduce energy consumption by 30%, and the fineness of grinding powder can be between 80-400 mesh. Next, the specific parameters and advantages of the mill are introduced.



1)Grinding mill:80-400 mesh




2)Production capacity:1-25t/h




3)Grinding materials: fluorite, gypsum, talc, bauxite, marble, feldspar, dolomite, etc.




4)Environmental protection: the use of pulse dust collector, dust collection rate of 99%, good dust collection, more environmental protection.




5)High single machine capacity: large material handling capacity per grinding time, 40% increase in production, high efficiency and environmental protection.




6)Easy to maintain: the mill uses a new sealing structure, the grinding ring does not need to remove the grinding roller, so the maintenance is convenient.




7)Stable operation: the plum blossom stand and longitudinal pendulum roller grinding device are designed to ensure stable operation, generate income and increase production.

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