Coal gangue vertical grinding, more efficient professional


The solid waste residue project of coal gangue, slag and water slag is more ideal by vertical grinding. The vertical roller mill has the advantages of crushing, drying, grinding, grading and transportation. It has large feed size, good particle type, small vibration, low noise, more environmental protection, simple technology and long service life. It is the exclusive equipment in the solid waste project such as coal gangue, water slag, steel slag and slag.





Its advantages are as follows:


①:PLC fully automatic


Remote control, easy to operate, more convenient。




②:High single machine capacity


High flour yield, low energy consumption, high output per unit, low valley power available.




③:Environmental protection and energy saving


The mill is operated under full negative pressure with small vibration and low noise. It is a new process of energy saving, environmental protection and consumption reduction.




④:Strong drying power


It can be heated, strong drying capacity, saving investment cost and energy consumption cost, while drying and grinding.




⑤:Easy to maintain


The roller sleeve of grinding roller is used by turning over, with long service life and easy maintenance.

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