In the process of stone processing, it is unavoidable that waste gravel and waste mud will have an impact on the environment, and lead to the waste of soil resources and the deterioration of the regional air environment. Therefore, the recycling of stone waste generated in the stone processing process has attracted increasing attention. As a manufacturer of granite grinding mill, Guikuang Machinery will introduce the ways of turning waste granite into treasures and the application of granite grinding mill in the following.

The output of the stone industry has expanded, and at the same time, the generated stone waste has also increased, and it cannot be properly treated for a while. The research on powder and leftover material not only saves resources, but also brings certain economic, environmental and social benefits. Ways to turn granite into treasure:

1. Granite waste stone processing stone-like coating: The use of stone-like coating is generally composed of three layers of materials, the third layer is the uppermost layer is called the protective layer; the bottom layer that is in direct contact with the base surface is the back cover The second layer is the imitation stone coating itself, and it is also the most important part in the utilization of waste stone powder. A large amount of waste rock powder can be used in the application and production process of way stone, turning waste into treasure and saving resources. The wastes produced by granite stone processing mainly come in two forms, one is the leftover material and crushed rock, and the other is the mud and mortar produced in the process of cutting and grinding. Natural stone powder with different particle sizes can be obtained by crushing and sifting the two forms of stone waste. The particle size distribution of the natural stone powder has a great influence on the final product of the imitation stone coating. If the stone waste particles are too fine, cracks are likely to occur, and the layering and three-dimensional effect of the coating are not good, resulting in poor decorative effect. Rough and susceptible to contamination. Therefore, it is necessary to process the granite powder into qualified particle gradation by a granite mill to realize the turning of granite waste into treasure.

2. Granite waste stone processing wall bricks: The waste has the characteristics of fine particle size and high activity, and some aggregates and cementing materials are added, which are made by machine pressing, autoclaving, curing and other processes. To process wall bricks from granite waste, it is necessary to process the granite waste into stone powder with a particle size of less than 400 meshes through a granite mill. The production of wall bricks adopts high-pressure forming technology. The compactness is good, and a large amount of stone waste is thrown into the production and production of wall bricks, which reduces the cost of raw materials, protects the environment, saves resources, and has a wide range of uses. The market demand is large.

3. Processing resin-type artificial stone from granite waste stone: resin-type artificial stone has good flexural resistance and low water absorption, and is convenient for production and processing. It is easy to carry out secondary processing and seamless sealing. In addition, it has strong acid and alkali resistance, can be used for specific environmental needs, light weight, good texture, and beautiful appearance, such as two-color marble, translucent marble, etc.

In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to the use of circular economy to develop the stone industry, and they have begun to pay attention to the comprehensive use of granite waste. The granite grinding mill produced by Guikuang Machinery include granite Raymond mill, granite vertical roller mill and other types. They can process 80-2500 mesh granite powder, providing a broad application space for granite waste resources.

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