Hydraulic cone crusher is a high performance crusher by introducing German high-end technology, combining with the metal material properties. It is mainly used for metal mining, construction sand and gravel secondary crushing. Because of its high capacity and production, it is used to crushing hard materials.

Different from traditional cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher adopts special Laminating crushing principle.

According to R&D engineer and customer feedback, laminating crushing has significant advantages compared with single-particl crushing. It not only greatly improved the crushing efficiency, but also greatly improved the quality of the crushed product. Specific features:

Increase productivity and capacity

Spring cone crusher minimum and maximum productivity are 110 t/h and 168 t/h, while Hydraulic cone crusher minimum and maximum productivity are 355 t/h and 700 t/h.

Improve product quality

Cone crusher calibration discharge size is less than 20%, while the other cone crusher calibration discharge size is 68%.

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