To ensure the normal operation of the machine, the user should carry out the following tips:

During the operating of the ball mill, some professional personnel should be arranged to operate it. The operator must be qualified with the required technical knowledge. So, before using it, learn the related knowledge about ball mill installation and operation by technical training.

In order to guarantee the ball mill in a normal working state, a safety operation system for the maintenance of the equipment must be established. Only in this way can the Grinder mill be guaranteed to have a long-term and safe operation. Meanwhile, it is necessary to have the required repairing tools, lubricant and grease, spare parts and accessories.

Examining the main parts of the machine per week, such as grinder roller, Grinder ring, relieving tool and so on. Before and after the operation, a careful examination should be carried out for the connecting screws, bolts and nuts on the Grinder rollers so as to find whether they are loose or sufficiently lubricated.

After being put into operation, the machine should be comprehensively check out when finish working. Lubricate the machine regularly.

By strictly carry out the above tips, you can certainly prolong the service life of your ball mill.

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