High calcium stone is widely used after grinding. High calcium stone is also called limestone. The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate. Its main chemical property is that it decomposes into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide at higher temperature, which can be directly processed into stone and fired into quicklime, which is widely used in building materials and industrial raw materials. It can be used as coating material and tile adhesive, and can also be used to make soda ash. Guikuang is a manufacturer of high calcium stone grinding powder processing equipment. The high calcium stone grinding machine we produce has been widely used and has a good reputation in high calcium stone grinding powder processing projects. Next, Guikuang will introduce to you High calcium stone grinding mill processing equipment.

What model of high calcium stone grinding mill? First of all, it depends on what the high calcium stone powder is used for, and its fineness is different for different uses.

high calcium stone grinding mill-GK pendulum grinding mill

(1) Application of high calcium stone powder in steel mills

Limestone powder for desulfurization in steel mills is mainly used for desulfurization in steel mills.

(2) How many meshes of high calcium stone powder are used in power plants

Many companies supply 325-mesh high-calcium quicklime powder slaked lime powder for desulfurization of power plants. Due to the increasingly strict environmental protection regulations, enterprises that generate waste gas such as power plants and steel mills have higher and higher requirements for lime powder for desulfurization.

(3) High calcium stone powder in glass factory

High-calcite powder to produce glass High-calcite powder is the main raw material for the production of glass. The production glass factory has 400 meshes of limestone powder for high calcium desulfurization.

(4) Application of high calcium stone powder in concrete

Effective application of limestone powder in concrete, which can replace part of cementitious materials to formulate C30 and C35 concrete

(5) High calcium stone powder for feed factory

High calcium stone powder is added in feed production, mainly for animal calcium supplementation. The main ingredient is calcium carbonate, the calcium content is above 38%, the magnesium content is below 0.5%, and the content of other heavy metals is within the national standard before it can be used as feed. Calcium supplement, its color is white, off-white, gray powder.

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