Hardness of material

The hardness of materials can directly affect the grinding difficulty and fineness of Raymond mill. Generally speaking, the material with higher hardness has higher grinding coefficient. Therefore, we suggest that the materials provided to Raymond mill should be reasonably matched to improve the fineness and output.

Speed of blower

Small fan speed will hinder the flow of materials, resulting in coarser fineness of the finished product. Therefore, customers need to combine the grinding needs of the project, adjust the wind speed reasonably to ensure the fineness of the finished product.

Opening height of classifier

If the size of the classifier opening cannot be adjusted properly, the operation efficiency and grinding fineness will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the opening size of the classifier is reasonable before operation.

Timely inspection and replacement of wearing parts of grinding roller and ring

In the process of operation, it is normal for the grinding ring of grinding roller to wear. Manufacturers need to check the wear degree of vulnerable parts at any time, and timely repair or replacement, otherwise it is easy to cause the grinding fineness can not reach the expected.

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