The fan system is the most important part of Raymond mill, then the wind temperature will how to affect the the Raymond mill?

At first, let us talk about the relationship between the wind temperature and the Raymond mill. Actually, the wind exerts little impact on the output of Raymond mill, but if the wind temperature is over high, it will affect the normal operation of Raymond mill. For example, the over high temperature will cause the belt pulley loose because of the thermal expansion. In addition to this, the friction between the rollers will cause the heat, which will make the Raymond mill fail to work or even destroy the grinding mill.

Actually, the fan system of Raymond mill is just a remover, while the wind temperature dose not work? The answer is no. The wind temperature can adjust the moisture of raw materials. When the raw materials is a little wet, we will make the raw materials congeal, which will clog the discharge gate. At this time, if we add the hot air into it, we can effectively release the problem of plugging materials. Especially at winter season, the temperature is low, appropriate wind temperature addition will make the Raymond mill come into play.

In a word, we should not ignore the details of the Raymond mill and conclude the using techniques to let Raymond mill realize better production. Guikuang is a professional Raymond mill manufacturer. We provide machine with good quality and better performance. If you are interested in our machine, please leave your buying details here. Thank you.

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