In normal production of Raymond mill, the problem that the grinding roller does not rotate often occurs. The sealing performance of the Raymond grinding roller assembly is closely related to whether it can operate normally, and it is also the main basis for reflecting the quality of Raymond mill.

Raymond grinding roller assembly consists of grinding roller, roller core, bearing, oil seal, nut, roller sleeve and other accessories, and the grinding roller, roller sleeve and bearing are all important wearing parts and grinding parts of Raymond grinding. In the Raymond mill process, the main responsibility is that the grinding roller cannot be produced normally without rotating the entire Raymond mill.

The grinding process is affected by the environment, and the Raymond mill roller mainly relies on the transmission to achieve the work. If the sealing is not good, the dust will enter the bearing with the gap, causing huge friction to affect its normal rotation. In severe cases, the shaft will be caused. The problems of lining damage, locking and so on, since the roller assembly is so important, the importance of sealing in the milling process is obvious.

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