In the field of industrial solid waste, recycling is the way to turn solid waste into treasure. What grinding mill machine is used in the field of grinding cement clinker blast furnace slag? GK(Guikuang) recommends the use of vertical mill equipment to increase production capacity and bring customers more considerable profits and market value.

The main raw materials of cement clinker are limestone, clay and iron. The semi-finished product is prepared into raw meal in proper proportion, burned to partial or full melting and cooled.

Blast furnace slag is a kind of waste slag discharged from blast furnace when smelting pig iron. It is a kind of fusible mixture. It can be processed into valuable materials with various purposes by various processes.

In view of the production demand of cement clinker and blast furnace slag, the vertical roller mill can improve its utilization value. As a manufacturer of vertical mill equipment, GK(Guikuang) has rich experience and superb production technology, which is conducive to creating broad profit value for the industry.

2. The Vertical Roller Mill For Grinding Cement Clinker Blast Furnace Slag

Guikuang mineral powder equipment :GKLM vertical roller mill

【Production capacity】:5-700t/h

【Product characteristic】:It integrates drying, grinding, grading and conveying. High output, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, wide application range, small floor area, high cost performance.

【Focusing field】:It focuses on grinding and processing of non-metallic minerals such as coal mine, cement, slag, gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite and marble with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity within 6%. Its products have advanced performance.

The vertical roller mill is a kind of energy-saving and high-capacity grinding mill of environmental protection type. It can be used for grinding coal mine, cement raw material, cement clinker, power plant desulfurization lime powder, slag powder, blast furnace slag, manganese ore and other materials. The mill is suitable for many materials. High humidity materials, dry materials, hard to grind materials and easy to grind materials can be used for grinding. Its advantages are as follows:

1). Good environmental protection: the whole system has small vibration, low noise, full negative pressure operation, and can realize dust-free processing.

2). High grinding efficiency: single machine production capacity is large, compared with ball mill, energy consumption is 40-50% lower, it is a high grinding efficiency equipment.

3). Strong drying capacity: vertical mill can pass hot air, strong drying capacity, can meet different humidity of materials while drying and grinding.

4). Low cost investment: it integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying. It covers a small area, can be arranged in the open air, has lower construction cost, and can reduce the investment cost of the enterprise.

5). Automatic operation: it adopts PLC full-automatic control, which can realize remote control and is easier to operate.

If you need to grind cement clinker blast furnace slag, you are welcome to know the special vertical roller mill equipment of GKLM. GK(Guikuang) has a special production line for industrial solid waste. Customers who want to visit and know the details of grinding are welcome to know the details of the equipment at any time.

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