Bauxite is a kind of soil mineral with the main component of alumina. It is hydrated alumina containing impurities. Its color is white or gray, brown or light red due to iron. The density is 3.45g/cm3 and the hardness is 1~3.After being ground into powder, it is mainly used for aluminum industry, refractories, precision manufacturing, refractory fiber, refractory cement and other fields.

Grinding mill is a direct processing equipment for bauxite, which is particularly in the application of raymond mill. GK European type grinding mill is the raymond mill.It has significantly advantages in bauxite, kaolin, limestone, calcium carbonate and other non-metallic mineral powder application.

Compared with the traditional mill, GK European type grinding mill adopts new bevel gear overall drive, the structure is more compact. At the same power consumption,the capacity is significantly increase 20%, greatly improving production efficiency.

In addition, GK European type grinding mill’s three major transmission parts (spindle system, separator system, fan system) all use thin oil lubrication (rather than butter, grease).The bearing system greatly improve the service life, while oil drain cycle is about 4 months.The maintenance costs greatly reduced.

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