Iron tailings is a kind of industrial solid waste. Can the iron tailings ground by Raymond mill? The answer is yes. GK(Guikuang )has special equipment for grinding iron tailings, and it is also a special equipment for upgrading the traditional grinding mill. The utility model further breaks through the disadvantages of pulverizing, realizes the production of high efficiency pulverizing, energy saving and consumption reduction.

1. Introduction Of Iron Tailings
Iron tailing is the waste after beneficiation and the main component of industrial solid waste. At present, there are more than 8000 state-owned mines and 110000 township collective mines in our country, and the amount of tailings stacked has reached 5 billion tons. The amount of tailings discharged each year is more than 500 million tons. Among them, the annual discharge of tailings from black metallurgical mines reached 150 million tons.

What mill equipment can be used for grinding iron tailings? The Raymond mill provided by GK(Guikuang) can help to realize environmental protection and noise reduction for iron tailings.

2. Raymond mill equipment for grinding iron tailings
The new Raymond mill is a special mineral powder processing equipment provided by GK(Guikuang) for the production demand of the industry, which covers a number of patent technologies. It can improve production efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. It is a special mill equipment favored and loved by customers. GK large grinding mill and GK vertical roller mill of GKM are the ideal environmental protection Raymond mill.

The mill is a new type of tilting mill equipment developed by GK, which is a technological innovation mill equipment in the field. With the characteristics of high output, high efficiency and low energy consumption, it has become a new generation equipment of traditional Raymond mill. It expands the application field of tilting mill, improves the equipment efficiency of users in terms of capacity and unit energy consumption, and is an ideal large-scale powder processing equipment for iron tailings.

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