Putty Powder Grinding Production Line Configuration

Grinding can not be done solely by the putty powder grinding mill, but also requires the cooperation of jaw crushers, bucket elevators, hoppers, powder collectors and other equipment. Let me introduce the general grinding processing.

Crushing: First, the large pieces of material need to enter the jaw crusher to crush the materials into small stones and enter the next step.

Grinding: The small stones enter the silo through the bucket elevator, and then are sent by the electromagnetic feeder to the Raymond mill for grinding.

Powder selection: The finished product is classified by the classifier with high efficiency, and the powder that does not meet the fineness requirements is returned to the mill for re-grinding.

Collection: The finished products that are qualified for powder selection enter the dust collector through the pipeline with the airflow for separation and collection, and are sent to the finished product silo.

Basic parameters: Raymond mill can handle materials with humidity below 6%, the fineness of the finished product is between 50-450 mesh, and the hourly production capacity is between 1 and 28 tons.

Performance characteristics: The main engine transmission device adopts a sealed gear box and pulley, which is stable in transmission and reliable in operation; compared with other milling equipment, the pass-through rate is higher, and the pass-through rate is as high as 99%; the wearing parts are made of high manganese steel, and the service life Long, motors are all national standard products.

Basic parameters: Ultra fine grinding mill can handle materials with humidity below 7%, the fineness of the finished product is between 80-800 mesh, and the hourly production capacity is between 0.4-40 tons.

Performance characteristics: Equipped with a spring pressurizing device to increase the grinding force. In the case of the same output and fineness, the system energy consumption is only one-third of the jet mill; the modular design of the powder concentrator can adapt to different fineness requirements ; New type of sealing structure, long refueling maintenance cycle, more energy saving and environmental protection, with pulse dust removal, automatic dust removal can be realized.

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