Some investors who get in touch with limestone grinding firstly have these questions: Is limestone suitable for grinding? Is Raymond mill suitable for grinding limestone? How to choose a better brand of Raymond mill.

To answer these questions, we should know the composition and application of limestone firstly.

The main ingredient of limestone is calcium carbonate. Crushed stone by limestone is an important building material in the construction industry. It can be made into concrete and used as ballast on railway subgrade. It is also useful to grind limestone to a powder. Limestone powder can be used to make various kinds of cement ingredients, such as fillers, bleaches, refractories, desiccant and so on.

So is limestone suitable for grinding? The answer is obvious – very suitable!

Then we come to the question: Is Raymond mill suitable for grinding limestone? The answer is YES. Raymond mill is the commonly equipment used to grinding limestone. Its capacity is 2.7-83 t/h, feed particle size is less than 30mm, product fineness between 40-400mesh. If the your processing requirements of mill is in this range, the Raymond mill is a very good choice.

Actually, there are other grinding mills except Raymond mill can be used to grinding limestone.

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