Is it useful to use marble Raymond mill machine to process and cut the stone powder left by marble? The answer is yes. In the process of processing natural stone materials, there will be about 5% of the waste materials and about 1 / 3 of the total amount of rough boards. If it is discarded as waste, it must be transported out at an economic cost. Improper stacking also hinders environmental protection. The stone powder left by cutting marble is very useful. Many stone processing plants mix the leftover materials with the stone powder left by cutting marble for processing and reuse. Marble grinding mill machine is usually used for grinding and processing to 60 mesh, 200 mesh and 1000 mesh for reuse. Guikuang supplies marble Raymond mill, marble vertical mill, marble ultra-fine mill and other equipment, which can reprocess the stone powder left by cutting marble, and help the ore plate industry to produce the stone powder left by cutting marble waste, marble saw mud and other marble.

What is the specific purpose of the stone powder left by marble Raymond mill and cutting marble?

Raymond mill

1.Add stone powder when making welding electrode. It can play the role of slagging to prevent oxygen and nitrogen from entering the molten pool and arc.

2.Fillers and paint fillers for chemical products, building decoration and painting, etc.

3.For the combustion supporting agent and desulfurizing agent used for domestic coal, adding 5 ~ 10% marble powder into domestic coal can not only save coal, but also support combustion, reduce the escape of sulfur dioxide gas, improve indoor and outdoor environment, save energy and improve economic benefits.

4.Instead of soda, it is used in tanning. This process can reduce labor intensity, improve production environment and improve economic benefits.

5. Waste rock slurry (mud) is used to produce artificial sand, casting sand and waterproof materials, such as asphalt felt debonding powder, etc. it is easy to remove film and gradually smooth for steel casting.

The stone powder left by cutting marble can be used for different purposes with different mesh numbers:

The stone powder left by cutting marble includes low value-added products, medium value-added products and high value-added products. The added value product is the preliminary screening of marble saw mud, and the large particle waste with particle size below 60 mesh is used to make sand, cement brick and permeable brick; The value-added products are fine-grained marble saw mud with a particle size of more than 60 mesh. For materials with a particle size of about 200 mesh, it is further processed into low-grade ceramic glaze with a whiteness of about 50 degrees; The high value-added product is that the marble saw mud with a particle size of about 200 mesh is deeply processed into potassium albite powder with a whiteness of about 80 degrees, which is used as the glaze and base material of high-grade ceramic tiles and daily ceramics; For materials with about 1000 mesh, it can be used as high-grade coatings and water-based paint additives.

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