Guikuang(GuiLin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd) recommends a special fine powder processing equipment for grinding 1250 mesh wollastonite powder. What equipment can be used to grind wollastonite powder? GK ultra-fine mill of GK is a deep processing equipment in the field of fine powder. The ultra-fine mill machine is mainly used for grinding the fine powder project in the non mineral market. It can increase production and improve efficiency, protect environment and clean. It is an ideal type of grinding equipment for the production line.

Wollastonite is a common silicate mineral. Most of them are lamellar and fibrous with a certain glass luster. It is widely used in papermaking, cement, rubber, ceramics, plastics, glass, metallurgy, chemistry, chemical industry, coating and other fields.

Wollastonite is widely used and has high market value. It is an important material for the production of ceramics, plastics, asbestos, paint and paper. Among them, wollastonite is widely used in the field of ceramics. In China, wollastonite is mainly consumed in glazed tiles and ceramic blanks, accounting for more than 50% of the total consumption of wollastonite. It is mainly used to prepare various kinds of electric porcelain, building porcelain, daily ceramics and brake pads.

What kind of grinding mill is better for grinding 1250 mesh wollastonite powder? Guikuang(GuiLin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd) recommends the use of special ultra-fine mill equipment for customers.

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