We all know that the working environment of Raymond mill is very dusty, that is, the working conditions of Raymond mill are bad. In order to ensure the normal operation and life of Raymond mill, we need to give Raymond powder from time to time. Add butter to the machine for lubrication. However, most customers do not know the frequency and amount of butter used, which is very likely to cause wear and tear on the machine. I have found a lot of information to find out how to properly add butter to the Raymond mill.
In general, the main grinding rolls, grinding rings and bearings of the Raymond mill need to be lubricated with grease. However, these are all done according to the grease gun, especially for large machines such as Raymond mills. It is very difficult to refuel if you do not use a grease gun.

Raymond mill with butter precautions
1. The bearing of the main shaft should ensure that the butter is beaten once a day. It is necessary to use high-quality butter. The inferior butter will have oil residue, which will aggravate the wear of the bearing.
2. The new Raymond mill should be changed once a week after starting the machine, and then change the oil according to the time limit of the lubrication meter.
3. The butter should be filtered before adding the butter, and the grease mouth should be cleaned to avoid the introduction of sand when adding oil.
4. The working conditions of the grinding roller are particularly bad, once the bearing is to be lubricated and it needs to be cleaned regularly.

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