1. The working site

Prepare a flat gound, the place needs to spearate the raw materials storage area, the crushing and grinding area, the collecting place, the final powder storage area, the loading area and the office area.Speicaluser bulid the workshop and concrete foundation for the grinding area and final powder storage area.

2. Electrcial power

According to the total equipment motor, user need to make the corresponding transformer or electrical generator.

3. The basic tools for transport (the forklift and truck)

4. The powder production line

According to the market demand, you choose the equipment model and size. 200-45 micron, you can choose the Raymond mill and ball mill. 45-5 micron, you can choose the ultrafine powder roller mill. Also you can add the independence classifier (more investment)

5. The labor needed

One- two techincians, operate the equipment, check the workiing conditon, do the maintenance, teach other workers. 1-2 workers, at the crushing place 1-2 workers, pack the final powder.

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