Vertical roller milling equipment and ultra-fine grinding equipment are two kinds of milling equipment used in daily industrial production for micro-powder processing. Some customers are easy to confuse when purchasing equipment. Guikuang is a professional manufacturer of grinding equipment in China. Now tell the two kinds of milling equipment how to choose?

The Vertical Roller Mill is also called vertical roller mill, vertical roller mill, etc. It is one of the ultra-fine mills. It can be used to process all kinds of stone materials. The fineness of the finished product is 325 mesh-3000 mesh. It is currently processed domestically. The ideal equipment for stone powder.

Working principle of ultra-fine grinding equipment: When working, the main motor drives the spindle turntable through the reducer, and the roller pin on the edge of the turntable drives dozens of grinding rollers to roll in the grinding ring raceway. The bulk material is broken into small particles by a hammer crusher and then sent to the storage bin by the hoist, and then passed through the vibrating feeder and the inclined feeding pipe to uniformly feed the material to the bulk disc of the upper part of the turntable.

The material is scattered to the circumference of the circle under the action of centrifugal force, and falls into the raceway of the grinding ring, which is impacted, rolled and ground by the ring roller, processed into a powder through the processing of the three-layer loop, and the high-pressure fan passes the external air through suction. Inhaled into the machine and the pulverized material is brought into the classifier.

The impeller rotating inside the classifier re-grinds the coarse material, and the fine powder that meets the requirements enters the cyclone dust collector with the airflow and is discharged from the lower discharge valve, and the airflow with a small amount of fine dust passes. The pulse dust collector is purified and discharged through a fan and a muffler.

Due to the improvement of the production process of ultra-fine grinding equipment, the processing fineness can be increased to 3,000 mesh, which completely breaks the processing limit of Raymond milling equipment. The dust collector is used to capture dust, and the muffler is used to reduce noise. It has the characteristics of environmental protection and cleanness, and completely eliminates the high pollution of Raymond milling equipment.

GK engineers suggest that when customers purchase grinding equipment, they must recognize their production needs, especially the processing fineness of materials; if the processing fineness is above 300 mesh, use ultra-fine grinding equipment.

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