The comparison between the price of different types of Raymond mills and the number of powders is a problem that is often compared when purchasing Raymond mills.Many manufacturers or individuals who purchase mills are looking for price information to shop around.

In contrast to the different types of Raymond mills, the difference in throughput is the main difference, followed by the difference in their maximum mesh size. Many customers ask such a question when choosing a device: what brand of Raymond mill is good. This question, different manufacturers answer is definitely not the same, they will say that their own mill is the best. When selecting the customer, in addition to factors such as the amount of processing, the number of meshes, and the frequency of replacement of wear parts, the customer should also inspect the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer to ensure that the manufacturer has sufficient strength to provide post-service.

According to the difference of the number of grinding rollers, Raymond mill has GK4R, GK5R,GK1280,GK1620,GK1720 and other models. The price of Raymond mills of different models is not the same. I don’t know which one you need, so the price problem is not good. Raymond mill is generally not available on the large-scale mining machinery and equipment online. It is recommended that you go to the industry website to view detailed product information, and wait for the model, direct inquiry, it is also very convenient.Guikuang is a professional manufacturer of Raymond mills, you can consult directly.

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