Bentonite is a hydrated clay mineral mainly composed of montmorillonite, which has swelling, cohesive, adsorption, catalytic, thixotropic, suspension and cation exchange properties. Ore composition (%) of its bentonite: montmorillonite 35-55, kaolin 5-15, illite 5-10, calcite 4-8, quartz 4-8, sericite 1-2, feldspar 1-1.5 , Iron 1-5. The most commonly used equipment in the processing of bentonite is Raymond mills and mirco powder mills.

In the process of grinding bentonite, China’s current bentonite industry is characterized by its small size and low level of technology, competition is not fierce due to its resource-based industry, and its production, sales and prices have increased year by year. As the output rises year by year, this will require the technical support of the mill industry. The traditional crushing and milling process is far from meeting the market demand. Only new-type superb mills and the gradually refined and intelligent Raymond mill are produced. The process is what people want.

 The centrifugal force can be completely released during operation, and the rolling pressure is large. The grinding roller and the grinding ring are always in a parallel movement state, the output and fineness are relatively high, and the energy consumption is reduced.

How much does it cost to buy a Raymond mill? At present, there are more Raymond mills on the market, and the prices are different for different models. If customers need to buy equipment, they not only look at the price, but also need to choose the type according to their own grinding output and fineness.Guikuang specializes in the production of various ore crushing and milling equipment. The crushing equipment mainly includes jaw crushers , impact crushers , cone crushers, etc. The milling equipment mainly includes Raymond mills, mirco powder mills, ash-calcium-powder seperator, etc., have a complete range, welcome your purchase.

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