Adjustment of Grinding Pressure
The central control operator should pay attention to the feedback value of the grinding pressure in time. When the grinding pressure is lower than the set pressure, it should be filled with nitrogen immediately to increase the grinding pressure. The balance between the three stretching rods should be ensured during the operation of the equipment. The imbalance between the stretching rods will increase the vibration of the equipment. In severe cases, the stretching rods may break. Maintain balance between stretch rods.

Feeding Operation
When the moisture of the feed material in the mill is high, the cooling air door of the mill should be closed, and the outlet temperature of the humidifying tower should be increased until the pressure difference in the mill reaches the standard value. When the material layer is too thin, the feeding amount should be increased to increase the equipment pressure difference, stabilize the material layer, and reduce equipment vibration. If the material layer is too thick, you should immediately reduce the amount of feed and increase the amount of ventilation to ensure a smooth discharge system. Keep the vertical abrasive layer stable at all times to avoid equipment vibration.

Avoid Foreign Objects
During the production process, on-site operators should always pay attention to avoid foreign objects entering the equipment. Fragments of broken wind guide blades or tools left by repair personnel can cause abnormal noise or even vibration of the vertical mill. The on-site staff should always pay attention to the operation status of the equipment and clean up any abnormal noise in time. If the volume of metal foreign objects in the mill is small, you can lift the grinding roller and clean it from the discharge opening; but if the volume of foreign objects is too large, you must stop the mill and open the mill door to clean it.

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