Tailings are usually considered as abandoned stones left over during the mining and processing of metal ores and non-metallic ores. According to statistics, up to 6 billion tons of tailings have been co-existed nationwide, covering an area of ​​420 hectares. It has brought greater harm to our living environment. If we can use them reasonably, they will bring us huge economic benefits; At present, the price of mechanism sand on the market has been rising, and its profit margin is very large, this is also the main reason for the continuous emergence of sand and gravel plants in many regions. How to process tailings into mechanism sand? It has become a concern for many investors.

(1) First, the tailings are desilted and decontaminated by a vibrating feeder, and then entered into a impact crusher for primary crushing, and then conveyed to the secondary crushing equipment or sand making machine through a belt conveyor;

(2) The tailings materials that have been crushed to a certain fineness pass through the screening equipment, and the appropriate stones will be moved to the sand making machine, and the unsuitable ones will be re-transported to the crusher for secondary crushing;

(3) The stones processed by the sand making and shaping machine can be directly collected into finished products;

Mechanism sand can be used in railways, highways, mixing stations, and other new building materials such as blocks, non-fired bricks, square bricks, and paving, so as to achieve a “low input, high output” production mode.

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