The rod mill and the ball mill belong to the mineral processing equipment. They are similar in appearance and grinding principle, but there are differences in structure, performance and application. This paper summarizes the three aspects of the ball mill and the rod mill, hope to help you choose the right equipment for your own projec

1. Appearance

Although they are very similar in appearance, some differences can be observed in careful distinction. For example, the rod mill adopts overflow and open-mouth discharge mode instead of lattice plate discharge. In addition, the ratio between the length of the barrel and the diameter of the rod mill is generally 1.5-2.0, while the ball mill is relatively small, generally not more than 1.

2.Internal structure

The rod mill uses the steel rod with a diameter of 50-100mm as the grinding medium, while the ball mill uses the steel ball most. Moreover, the diameter of the hollow shaft neck is larger than that of the same size ball mill.

3. Application fields

In the two-stage grinding process, the rod mill is generally used as the first section of the grinding equipment. The grinding medium inside the rod mill is a steel rod. The gap generated between the steel rods during the movement is relatively regular and can be formed very well. The large “screening power” makes the large particle material obtain stronger damage, which makes the material grinding better. so the rod mill more applicable; But in the processing of soft or not too hard ore, this situation can choose a ball mill to replace the rod mill, not only simple configuration, but also lower cost.

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