The treatment of paper-making waste residue is an “old and difficult” problem for many paper mills and government units, which has irreparable destructive ability to air, water quality and land pollution. We are papermaking waste residue grinding mill can provide high-quality fillers and additives for papermaking, coating, plastics, rubber, pigment, ink, PVC and other industries, and provide powerful tools for papermaking waste residue treatment.





What are the components of papermaking waste residue?


Papermaking waste generally includes plant fibers (trees, wheat straw, bamboo, cotton, reed, etc.) used for pulping, and the main pollutants discharged are plant skin, dust, sand, lignin, etc. For example, recycled fiber (waste paper) is mainly used to discharge some impurities mixed with waste paper, such as packing nails, packaging film, rubber particles, glass, plastic, etc. Sewage treatment is mainly sludge, which includes the loss of fiber, dust, sand and some other impurities not removed by pulping.




Equipment for treatment of papermaking waste residue


The waste residue from papermaking is directly incinerated or landfilled, which is destructive to the environment, and is not conducive to the re-use of energy. Firstly, the waste is ground and reduced to realize the granulation and powdering of waste, which is convenient for later brick making and other building materials.


【Production capacity】:1.2-40t/h




【Product fineness】:7-45 μ m with secondary grading can reach 3 μ M




【Product characteristic】:It integrates crushing, drying, grinding and conveying, breaking through the bottleneck of superfine powder processing capacity, can replace imported equipment, scientific and reasonable design and innovative structure, and is a large-scale production equipment of superfine powder.




【Focusing area】:It focuses on large-scale grinding and processing of non-metallic minerals such as coal mine, cement, slag, gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite, marble with Mohr hardness below 7 and humidity within 6%. The product has a number of patent technology, advanced performance.

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