There are three ways to deal with the waste of titanium dioxide plant


(1) The waste of titanium dioxide plant contains titanium dioxide dry base ≤ 40%, which can be treated by flotation, and then enter the sewage treatment station for treatment.


(2) The dry basis content of titanium dioxide waste is less than or equal to 50% and more than 40%. It can be acidolysed separately, ground and powdered to produce low-grade products.


(3) The dry basis of the waste material of titanium dioxide plant is more than 50%, which can be grinded again by adding mineral powder to make white gypsum for cement production, and the Yellowstone paste can also be produced. After drying, part of it can be used for brick making project and auxiliary materials for cement production.


(4) The waste of titanium dioxide plant, through selection, primary crushing, grinding and other processes, produces thin-walled brick, which has greatly improved strength and stability, light weight, high strength, high safety, and good sound and heat insulation effect.

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