Recently, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued the “Notice on Publicizing the List of “Contract-honoring and Credit-honoring” Enterprises in Guangxi in 2021″. Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. won the Guangxi 2021 The title of “Contract-honoring and Credit-honoring” enterprise of the year.


The “Contract-honoring and credit-worthy” activity is a comprehensive evaluation of corporate credit by the market supervision department. It is a positive incentive for companies that abide by contracts , value credit.In the next step,Guikuang Machinery will take this as the standard, keep “observing the contract and honoring the credit”, continue to improve the level of corporate integrity construction, implement the contract and honoring the credit in all aspects of operation and management, and promote the enterprise to become stronger and bigger.

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