Production of high-tech industry as the station, the application of the micro powder is more and more widely, the market demand for micro powder is also more and more big.So domestic micro mill machine competition heats up, emerged a series of high quality flour mill, the future development trend of the mill machine.

Should do from the several aspects as below,
(a) high efficiency and energy saving in various industries are pay attention to speed and efficiency of modern society, flour mill quality is an important index of production.From the perspective of the development of flour milling machine, its production is also in constant rise, usually mill production in 700-7500 kg/h.There will be a very big room to improve in the future.

(2) the product fineness of superfine powder is not only a kind of high-quality filler material, can also improve product such as strength, elasticity, abrasion resistance, resistance to high temperature performance, and greatly reduce the production cost.In the future the development of science and technology necessary for powder fineness of demand is higher and higher, followed by mechanic into the grinding powder, fineness increased.

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