With the rapid development of thermal power plants and steel plant and other industries, the use amount of pulverized coal is increasing day by day, as the amount of pulverized coal is the most abundant fuel, the more fully the flue is burned, the more fuel efficiency can be improved, also to decline environmental pollution pressure from the sulfur dioxide. In order to effectively solve the problem of coal utilization, Guikuang specializing in the production of coal vertical mill which is stability and professional performance, is widely used in pulverized coal production.

Guikuang put a lot of energy and attention in the coal mine, cement, slag, non-metallic minerals and other field, in order to produce a stable performance, excellent quality milling equipment, Guikuang learning from advanced systems both at home and abroad, to produce a professional coal processing equipment used in the field of coal pulverized after painstaking research – GKLM series vertical mill, the equipment sealing performance is very reliable, no need to seal the blower, can further reduce the oxygen content of the mill, explosion performance is more excellent.Guikuang is specialized in the production of high-tech coal mill.

Guikuang produced coal mill is an integration of crushing, drying, grinding, classifying, transportation into one of the high-tech equipment, the overall system is small vibration, low noise, full negative pressure operation, can basically achieved no dust spill purposes, it is popular in the pulverized coal processing as the coal mill equipment has a simple process, compact structure, small footprint and other significant advantages.

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