Can Raymond to be used for dolomite grinding? What are the advantages and characteristics of Raymond mill? Dolomite powder grinding, customers can use Raymond mill equipment to achieve high efficiency grinding. Guikuang recommends the use of new environmental protection Raymond mill equipment to meet the production needs of 80-600 mesh powder. Guikuang takes the customer as the center, understands the customer demand clearly, formulates the reasonable Raymond mill type selection configuration plan, creates the greater benefit for the dolomite powder project.

1. Choosing dolomite Raymond mill to improve equipment efficiency for dolomite powder grinding

Vertical pendulum Raymond mill is mill equipment for high efficiency production and processing manufactured by Guikuang. It covers many patented technologies and breaks through the disadvantages of traditional mill. It is a mill equipment with high efficiency, low energy consumption and energy saving.

Guikuang Raymond mill can effectively increase the unit output of single equipment and reduce the energy consumption per unit output. The fineness of finished products can be adjusted arbitrarily between 80 and 400 meshes. Moreover, pulse dust collector is equipped in the residual air outlet of the mill, which can achieve 99% efficiency of dust collection. All positive pressure parts of the main engine are sealed and powder-free can be achieved.

Guikuang Raymond mill adopts a new sealing structure design, which makes maintenance easier. It does not need to remove the roller device when replacing the grinding ring. The maintenance of the whole mill equipment is simpler.

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