With the continuous mention of the requirements of “environmental impact assessment” and “energy assessment” in the past two years, more and more people pay attention to the treatment and recycling of steel slag. There are many models that can be selected for steel slag grinding mill. Vertical roller mill, super-fine vertical grinding mill and ultrafine mill are common equipment for steel slag grinding. So, can Raymond mill machine grind steel slag powder?




Raymond mill produced by Guikuang has stable structure and is an updated product of R-type pulverizer. It has advanced and reasonable structure, low vibration, low noise, stable mechanical operation and reliable performance. The company has exquisite technology and strong strength, and the equipment produced is of high quality, good quality, good performance and low price. At the same time, because the manufacturer will provide customers with the most comprehensive services to ensure to create greater profits for you!






High quality performance of Raymond mill in steel slag grinding


01. The equipment adopts unique wear-resistant high chromium alloy material technology. High frequency, large load grinding, less wear and tear, and long service life, which is nearly 3 times of the industry standard. Raymond machine has obvious advantages in grinding steel slag, but because of the grinding principle of Raymond machine, the wear resistance is not as advantageous as vertical mill.




02. When Raymond machine is grinding steel slag, it will adopt off-line ash cleaning pulse system or residual air pulse dust collection system, which has strong ash cleaning effect and long service life of filter bag, and basically ensures dust-free operation in the workshop.




03. Raymond machine adopts the damping shaft sleeve made of unique rubber and wear-resistant materials to effectively isolate the vibration generated by equipment operation. When grinding steel slag, the noise is low.




04. The steel slag enters the mill and is distributed evenly to improve the rolling efficiency per unit weight, which is more conducive to the grinding and crushing of steel slag and effectively improve the output of steel slag.




05. The structure of the equipment is compact, reasonable and reliable, and the grinding ring can be renewed without disassembly. It reduces the maintenance time and enterprise maintenance cost.

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