Which kind of grinding mill equipment is the ideal grinding? The vertical roller mill provided by Guikuang Machine is a special grinding mill. It integrates crushing, grinding, grading, drying and powder collection. It is a high-end environmental protection grinding machine developed by GK for many years. The equipment has the advantages of simple process flow, small floor area, low noise, low dust, easy operation and maintenance.

Characteristic 1:Low investment

It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying in one, with simple process flow, less system equipment, compact structure layout and small floor area.

Characteristic 2:Easy maintenance

The roller sleeve of grinding roller can be turned over for use, and the service life of wear-resistant material is extended. The lining plate of grinding roller and grinding plate is made of special material, which has a long service life.

Characteristic 3:Reliable Performance

It adopts a new type of roller sealing device, which has reliable sealing and no need of sealing fan. It further reduces the oxygen content in the grinding mill and has excellent explosion suppression performance.

Characteristic 4:High degree of automation

It adopts PLC automatic control system, which can realize remote control and is easy to operate.

Characteristic 5:High grinding efficiency

Compared with ball mill, the energy consumption is 40-50% lower.

Characteristic 6:Energy conservation and environmental protection

The system has the advantages of small vibration, low noise, full negative pressure operation and no dust overflow.

Characteristic 7:Strong drying capacity

The vertical roller mill can be directly ventilated with hot air, and the drying capacity is strong. The moisture content of the material entering the grinding mill is as high as 15%. It can help customers save the cost of a dryer.

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