The 4R Raymond mill is mainly composed of a host, a blower, an analyzer, a finished product cyclone, a pipe device, a motor, etc., where the main machine is composed of a frame, blade, grinding roller, grinding ring, cover, etc., auxiliary equipment There are jaw crusher, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, bucket elevator, electric control cabinet, etc. users can choose flexibly according to the situation on site. Some users pay special attention to the price of equipment accessories when choosing, so 4R Raymond mill accessories are expensive, how to choose the material of the mill accessories, let me briefly talk about it.

Different types of milling equipment of 4R Raymond Mill have different specifications and models. The size, output and power of each type of equipment accessories are different, which will affect the production output of the product, so the price of the product is also different. Only by choosing the right accessory specifications can we create greater production efficiency.

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